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SafeR+ Socializing Safety Workshop

Course description

This is a behaviour-based training programme designed to change the attitude of officers and ratings joining ships to make ‘safe outcome’ a priority while performing any job.

They are trained to remove the mental blocks that prevent them from always acting with safety in mind.

This programme endeavours to convert crew from R.A.I.N type personalities to S.U.N type personalities. The essentials of SafeR+ include:

  • How to conduct toolbox meetings
  • S.T.A.R observations
  • Issuance of positive feedback cards
  • Near miss reporting
  • Safety passports, safety champions, and safety incentive programmes

The Workshop involves group discussions and performance of high-risk tasks in simulated conditions, following which gaps are discussed and analysed.


The workshop is conducted in spacious classrooms with modern teaching aids to facilitate comfortable learning.


To reduce accidents and navigation incidents by 50% each year
To improve the ratio of S.U.N. behaviour versus R.A.I.N behaviour for each crew member

Target Group

All Officers and Ratings

4 hours (half-day)