Fleet Management
Training Institute

Navigation Orientation Training

Course description

This course delivers training in FLEET’s navigational policies and enhanced navigation training as it pertains to navigation, managing the bridge team, and job responsibilities prior to the deck officer (junior ranks) assuming duties onboard a FLEET-managed vessel.


The course is conducted in spacious classrooms with modern teaching aids to facilitate comfortable learning.


Upon successful completion of this course, the candidate should be familiar with the Company’s navigational policies as stated in the QHSE Manual Section 5 (on navigational safety) as it pertains to managing the bridge team, navigation, voyage planning, the Master-Pilot exchange, principles of communication and job responsibilities. They should be able to appreciate how correct usage of various navigational equipment enhances the safety of navigation, and they should be made aware of the common navigational deficiencies observed on vessels as well as the actions required to avoid them on their vessel.

Target Group

Second and Third Officers holding a valid Certificate of Competency

2 days