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LNG Engine with Unified Control

Course description

The course is designed to enhance the skill and knowledge of engineers about modern LNG powered Dual fuelled engines. It consists of theoretical lectures supplemented with exercises on a Win GD DF engine with UNIC control simulator.


The Institute conducts the theory class in-house, and the engine simulator exercises are conducted on a full mission DF Engine Simulator at IMU Mumbai Port Campus. LNG bunkering procedure is also simulated for familiarizing with the behavioural characteristics of a ship’s equipment.


To close the gap between the conventional liquid fuelled engines and dual fuel LNG powered engine operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting, thereby leading to the efficient and safe operation of the modern vessels.

Target Group

All Marine Engineers, Tech Superintendents and Electro-Technical officers, who wish to improve their skills, knowledge and understanding of the operating principles & procedures applied to modern Dual fuel powered.

4 days