Fleet Management
Training Institute

Engine Room Simulator Operational Level

Course description

It is a hands-on training course designed to enhance the watchkeeping ability, skills and knowledge of Marine Engineers aspiring to excel in their roles at the operational level.

The course is based on the IMO Model course 2.07 and approved by the D.G. Shipping Govt. of India and complies with the requirements of the STCW 2010 Code. It is an interactive course that also helps to foster team behaviour and interpersonal roles within the team.


The Institute has a full mission engine room simulator that mimics the panel of all machinery on modern-day ships, including propulsion, power generation, pollution prevention, and cargo-related equipment. It includes a mock engine control room with an automatic data logging capability to monitor the performance of trainees.


To enhance knowledge and skills to operate, supervise, and monitor safe operation and control of a ship’s machinery installation per the requirements per STCW code as amended in the 2010 regulation I/12 and STCW code B-I/12-73

Target Group

Fifth Engineers planning to appear for M.E.O. class IV exam

Trainees should have a minimum of six months sailing experience as a Fifth Engineer

3 days