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Engine Room Resource Management (Marshall Islands Flag Approved)

Course description

This course describes guidelines for training using an engine room simulator as a training tool and is specified as one method of demonstrating competence (in Column 3 of the tables A-III/1, A-III/2, A-III/4, A-III/6 and A-III/7) this excludes the function “controlling the operation of the ship and care for the persons on board at the operational level/ management level”, as per STCW code.

Emphasis is placed on leadership and managerial skills combined with the use of forms and checklists ensuring proper and comprehensive handover to colleagues. Stress will be applied to watch keeping and communication.


The Institute has a full mission engine room simulator consisting of a complete mimic panel of all machinery on modern day ships including propulsion, power generation, pollution prevention and cargo related equipment. It includes a mock engine control room with an automatic data logging facility to monitor candidates.


Upon completion, trainees will be:

  • familiar with the use of instrumentation and controls used in the engine rooms of modern merchant ships
  • aware of the importance of pre-planning
  • used to relying on checklists and of the timescale involved in starting up propulsion plant machinery
  • experienced in identifying operational problems and troubleshooting
Target Group

Chief Engineers and all engineering officers on watch

All marine engineers who wish to improve their skills, knowledge and understanding of the Engine Room Resource Management principles applied to the machinery and personnel of a modern merchant ship

3 days