Fleet Management
Training Institute

Bridge Resource Management (3-day course)

Course description

This course is designed to enhance skill and knowledge about ship handling and efficient management of the bridge team. It consists of theoretical lessons supplemented by computer-based training and ship handling simulator exercises. The result of this course leads to advanced teamwork skill training for the ship’s bridge team personnel to enhance the team’s proficiency in managing operational risks in the bridge.


The Institute has a 180-degree visualisation bridge with a full range of bridge equipment that can simulate some of the highest density traffic areas in the world. The simulator is equipped with different ship models that closely resemble the behavioural characteristics of ships at sea in various weather conditions.


To reduce the possibility of accidents that may lead to loss of life, damage to property or environment by enhancing navigational skills of navigating officers. Develop and enhance an officer’s understanding of how to handle a vessel in restricted waters and to use available technical and human resources effectively.

Target Group

All Deck Officers holding a valid Certificate of Competency

3 days