Fleet Management
Training Institute

Basic Training in Oil and Chemical Tanker Cargo Operations

Course description

This course provides training for officers and ratings who are assigned specific duties and responsibilities related to cargo and cargo equipment on oil and chemical tankers. It comprises a familiarisation training programme tailored to their duties and responsibilities, including basic training for oil and chemical tanker safety, fire safety measures, characteristics of tanker cargoes and their associated hazards, pollution prevention, emergency operations, as well as cargo equipment and operations and obligations under applicable law and regulations.


The course is conducted in spacious classrooms with modern teaching aids to facilitate comfortable learning and is supplemented by practical exercises in a mock facility for fire-fighting and rescue operation demonstration.


Upon course completion, a trainee will be eligible to carry out assigned specific duties and responsibilities related to cargo or cargo equipment on oil and chemical tankers and will:

  • be familiar with the equipment, instrumentation and controls used for cargo handling on an oil and chemical tanker
  • develop greater awareness of the importance of proper planning and the use of checklists involved in various cargo handling operations
  • have an enhanced awareness to carry out procedures and operations on board safely at all times
  • be able to identify operational problems and assist in solving them
  • follow safety practices and protect the marine environment
  • be able to assist and coordinate actions during emergencies
Target Group

All seafarers that have successfully completed an approved basic safety training course

6 days