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Anchoring Procedures

Course description

This course emphasizes that deck officers should know the maximum environmental load anchoring equipment can hold. Navigating officers should be aware of anchoring procedures recommended by the Company and consider good seamanship practices. They should also be able to carry out routine inspections and maintenance of essential component equipment.
This course is practical as well as theoretical and consists of exercises performed on a ship handling simulator. Lectures provide theoretical background for the exercises, are illustrated either by including them as part of an exercise or by a separate simulator demonstration.


The Institute has a 180-degree visualisation bridge with a full range of bridge equipment that can simulate some of the highest density traffic areas of the world. The simulator is equipped with different ship models that closely resemble the behavioural characteristics of ships at sea in various weather conditions.


On successful completion of the course, the trainee will have sufficient knowledge and understanding to undertake the tasks, duties and responsibilities with respect to an anchoring operation onboard. The primary aim is to familiarize navigating officers onboard with the correct anchoring procedure as recommended by the company SMS and taking into consideration good seamanship practice. Trainees will also have a good understanding on the maintenance of windlass and anchoring equipment.

Target Group

Masters, Chief Officer and Second Officer (on promotion holding Chief Officer CoC)

1 day