Ship Maneuvering Simulator and Bridge Team Work Course (DGS Approved)

The Course

The ship handling / manoeuvering simulator and bridge teamwork course is designed to enhance the skill and knowledge about ship handling and efficient management of the bridge team. It consists of theoretical lessons supplemented by computer-based training and ship handling simulator exercises. The course is based on the IMO Model Course 1.22 and is approved by D G Shipping, Govt. of India.

The Facility

The training institute has a 180-degree visualization bridge (360 degree pannable view) with a full range of bridge equipments that can simulate some of the most densely congested navigational traffic areas of the world. The simulator is equipped with 11 different ship models that closely resemble the behavioral characteristics of ships at sea in various weather conditions.


To reduce the possibility of navigational accidents that might lead to loss of life and damage to property or environment.

Target Group

Masters and bridge watch keeping officers


5 working days including 20 hours of training on simulator.