Large Ship Handling Course

The Course

The course is designed for familiarising as well as assessing the competence of Masters and Senior Chief Officers who are to be designated to a large vessel in forthcoming tenures.

The Facility

The training institute shall provide an adequately equipped classroom with suitable audio visual aids, a full function bridge simulator with large vessel incorporated in various exercises as well good seating arrangement to allow for liberal interaction between and amongst faculty and candidates.

The Faculty

The faculty will include Master Mariners with adequate experience on foreign going vessels of suitably large size, in terms of dimensions as well as displacement.


To provide familiarity with large ship handling characteristics, enhance skill set for the same, and to asses candidate's competency with respect to the same.

Target Group

Serving Masters, newly joining Masters and Chief Officers due for promotion who are to be assigned to a large vessel, in forthcoming tenures.


1 working day with upto 8 hours of training, interaction and simulator excercises.

Batch Size

Maximum Batch Size which can be accommodated is 8 candidates.

Course Outline

  1. Basic background with ship handling and characteristics.
  2. Special focus on external variables like wind, current and tide with is effect on large vessels.
  3. Discussing issues related to larger dimensions, displacement and the resultant increased linear as angular momentum of larger vessels.
  4. Handling differences in loaded / ballast as well as open seas and shallow waters.
  5. Stopping, turning, anchoring, berthing and unberthing of large vessels.
  6. Heavy weather handling and contingency planning.
  7. Assessment of familiarity.
  8. Feedback, suggestion for improvement and interaction on all of the above.