Framo Submersible Pump Familiarization Course

The Course

The Framo submersible pump Familiarization course is intended to make all the engineers and Engine fitters joining chemical tankers fitted with Framo pumps familiarize with Framo pump operation, maintenance and trouble shooting.

The Facility

The course is conducted in spacious classroom with modern teaching aids to facilitate comfortable learning. The practical part of the course is conducted on a frame pump assembly. The faculty comprises of Specially Trained Chief engineers.


The course aims to provide proficiency and understanding in Framo pump hydraulic system - pump design and working principle, Framo pump operation, Framo pump Maintenance, Framo pump trouble shooting, Portable pump operation and maintenance.

Target Group

C/E, 2/E and 3/E who are joining chemical tankers fitted with Framo pump

Engine Fitters who are joining chemical tankers fitted with Framo pump


6 hours .

Course Outline

  1. Introduction
  2. Working Principle of Framo pumps
  3. Hydraulic Power Pack
  4. Framo Pump Construction
  5. Framo Pump Operation
  6. Framo Pump Maintenance & Trouble shooting
  7. Framo pump practical session