Enclosed Space Entry Procedure Course

The Course

The Enclosed Space Entry Procedure Course is designed to prepare officers and crew members joining ships to become aware of the dangers involved with work and entry into enclosed spaces on board the ship. The candidates are informed of the risks associated with enclosed spaces and trained to prevent accidents by taking suitable precautions while working in enclosed spaced. The training involves practical exercises.

The Facility

The theoretical part of the course is conducted in spacious classrooms with modern teaching aids to facilitate comfortable learning. The practical exercises are conducted at an enclosed space mock up. The faculty comprises of experienced master mariners and chief engineers.


To improve awareness of all officers and crew about the dangers involved with enclosed spaces and company's procedure for entry and working in enclosed spaces. To reduce the incidence of accidents on board due to non-compliance of procedures required for entry into enclosed spaces.

Target Group

All officers and crew members joining ships.


1 working day .

Course Outline

  1. Case Study of Enclosed Space Entry Incident, Identification and Hazards of enclosed spaces,
  2. Use of Fall Preventer Device, Company's procedures, Company checklists and forms.
  3. Tank tagging procedures, gas freeing and ventilation, case studies. Stop Work Authority,
  4. Gas-freeing and ventilation methods. Usage and Limitations of gas measuring Equipment.
  5. Testing of Atmosphere prior entry.
  6. Mock up exercises - Entry, Evacuation and Rescue from Enclosed Space