Environment Management System

The Course

The EMS (Environmental Management System) Training Course is intended to make all the technical/manning/QMS/operation superintendents and all ship staff joining vessel conversant with Fleet's EMS in order to strengthen them to perform their duties efficiently in an environmentally friendly manner and in full compliance with MARPOL and the Company's policies and procedures related to Environmental Management.

The Facility

The course is conducted in spacious classrooms with modern teaching aids to facilitate comfortable learning. Video modules are used as necessary and interactive discussions are encouraged.


To improve awareness of all officers and crew about the dangers involved with environmental pollution and Fleet's declared policy of zero tolerance with any non - compliance.

Target Group

All officers and crew members joining ships.


1 1/2 working day for top 4 Officers, 1 full day for other Officers and 1/2 day for Ratings.

Course Outline

  1. Introduction
  2. Overview of Company's Environment Management System (EMS).
  3. Overview of the Enhanced Compliance Programme
  4. The Management of Waste generated on board ships.
  5. Reducing the risk of pollution from shipboard operations.
  6. Operation, maintenance and repair of pollution prevention equipment and systems.
  7. The Open Reporting Systems
  8. The Company's pollution prevention and minimization programmes
  9. NPDES - VGP - California Sewage requirements - North American ECA
  10. Making Correct Garbage Disposal Record Book entries
  11. Making correct Oil Record Book entries.
  12. Evaluation and Certification