(Models - JAN - 701/901/901M, JAN- 701B/901B, JAN-2000)
Type Specific Training

The Course

To train Officers in charge of a navigational watch in the basic theory and operation of JRC ECDIS (Models - JAN-701/901/901M, JAN-701B/901B, JAN-2000) for maintaining the safety of navigation, Familiarization/explanation of JRC ECDIS menus and general functions, practice in setting up and maintaining JRC ECDIS, planning-monitoring a route and updating the charts.

The Facility

The course is conducted in spacious classrooms with modern teaching aids to facilitate comfortable Learning and supplemented by exercises on Simulator. Trainees are familiarized with the menu structure and practical exercises on the actual ECDIS equipment to cement understanding.

Training is conducted by Master Mariners - Instructors trained by JRC (Japan Radio Co., Ltd). Trainers have also completed "TRAINING FOR TRAINERS AND ASSESSORS" training as per requirements laid down in Section A-I/6 Paragraph 4, 5, 6 of STCW 95.


On successful completion of the course, the trainees will have sufficient knowledge, understanding and skills enabling them to operate the JRC ECDIS (Models - JAN-701/901/901M, JAN-701B/901B, JAN-2000) for safe navigation, in an efficient manner.

Target Group

The Type-Specific ECDIS Training JRC Course is open to seafarers who:

  1. Have at least an Officer-in-Charge Navigation Watch certificate and would be serving as an officer on his next vessel assignment.
  2. Should possess an IMO Model Course 1.27 (ECDIS Generic Course) Certificate of Completion from an authorized training institute.


2 working days.

Course Outline

  1. Familiarisation with available functions
  2. Familiarisation with menu structure
  3. Display setup
  4. Setting of safety values
  5. Recognition of alarms and malfunction indicators and the action to be taken
  6. Route planning
  7. Route monitoring
  8. Changing over to backup systems
  9. Loading charts and licenses
  10. Updating of software