MARIS ECDIS Type Specific Training


This program is intended to:

  1. Provide all deck officers - Masters & Chief Officers, Second Officers and Third Officers - 14 hours of classroom training in Fleet's as it pertains to navigation and job responsibilities prior to the deck officer assuming any duties aboard a Fleet vessel.
  2. This class room training shall review Fleet's BPM section 7 relevant to deck officers including:
The non-delegable nature of the responsibility of deck officers for safe navigation should be emphasized in this training

Learning Objective

A trainee upon successful completion of the program should be familiar with Maris ECDIS as it pertains to navigation, voyage planning and his job responsibilities. He should be familiar with the general use of electronic chart systems, aware of their major features and be able to appreciate how their correct usage enhances the safety of navigation.

Target Group

All deck officers (Masters, Chief Officers, Second Officers, Third Officers & Deck Cadet) of FML managed vessels.

Student Entry Standards (Criteria)

This program is open to and intended for all deck officers joining ships where Fleet Management Limited is the Manager listed in the Documents of Compliance & have done generic ecdis module 1.27

Class Size limitations (Theory)

Bearing in mind the aims and objectives of the course, the maximum number of trainees will be 8 per course.

Student / teacher ratio (Theory/ Practice/ Simulations)

4:1 / 4:2 / NA

Instructor Competency Requirements

2 Master Mariners with foreign going certification, familiar with company's SMS who have undergone TOTA.

Assessor Competence requirements

The program will be conducted in a classroom in clean, well-lit environment conducive to effective learning.

Description of the Facilities

Master Mariner with foreign going certification, familiar with company's SMS who have undergone TOTA.

List of Equipment used (Theory / Practice / Simulations):

Computer with Overhead Projector/Whiteboard with Markers and dusters

Reference to text books used

Company's Web site & Hand out.