Maritime Resource Management

The Course

The course is conducted under authority of ALLAcademy, Sweden. Maritime Resource Management is a human factors training programme designed for the maritime industry. This training programme was launched in 1993 and aims at preventing incidents in maritime operations caused by human and organizational errors.

The MRM training is focused towards :

  1. changing attitudes - not skills
  2. viewing crews as intact teams, not a collection of competent individuals
  3. addressing crew member attitudes and behaviour
  4. providing two sets of parallel objectives: training objectives and specific behavioural objectives
  5. providing computer based training for transfer of knowledge skills
  6. utilising case studies and human interactions involved in change of attitudes and behavior

The Facility

The training is conducted in air-conditioned classrooms with modern teaching aids comprising of Computers / LED TVs / Projectors / Simulators to facilitate comfortable learning. The faculty consists of experienced Masters.

Target Group

All officers at sea and in shore organisations who have an influence on safety at sea and the work on board a ship.


3 days

Course Outline

  1. Attitudes & Management Skills
  2. Authority & Assertiveness
  3. Automation Awareness
  4. Challenge & Response
  5. Communications & Briefings
  6. Crisis & Crowd Management
  7. Cultural Awareness
  8. Human Involvement in Error
  9. Judgement & Decision Making
  10. Leadership in Emergencies
  11. Management Styles
  12. Short Term Strategy
  13. Situation Awareness
  14. State of the Ship
  15. Workload