Norwegian International Register (NIS) Familiarization course for Ship Masters

The Course

The course is approved by Norwegian Maritime Authority (NMA) and is mandatory for Masters who may take over command of a Norwegian International Ship Register (NIS) vessel for the first time. The course is developed and based on "Excerpts from The Norwegian Passenger and Cargo Ship Legislation, etc" prepared by The Norwegian Maritime Directorate.

The Facility

The training is conducted in spacious air-conditioned classrooms with modern teaching aids comprising of Computers / LED TVs / Projectors to facilitate comfortable learning. The faculty consists of experienced Masters.

Target Group

Ship Masters or Chief Officers holding Master license.


33 hours spread over 4.5 working days.

Batch Size

4 to 8 candidates per batch. Student to faculty ratio not to exceed 4:1.

Course Outline

  1. Introduction to Norwegian Maritime Authority and NIS Flag
  2. Part 1 Acts
    Seamen's Act, Norwegian Maritime Code (NMC), Acts on NIS Register, Ship Safety and Security Act
  3. Part 2 General regulations for ships
    Reporting marine accidents and other incidents at sea, safety of navigation, environmental protection, form and keeping of log books for NIS Ships
  4. Part 3 Regulations for cargo ships and passenger ships
    Surveys & Certification, accommodation & catering service, equipment requirements, radio installations and radio services, requirements pertaining to watch-keeping and minimum safe manning (MSM), Security regulations, Master's responsibility and authority
  5. Part 4 Regulations for seafarers
    Qualification requirements, employment conditions and economic rights, health & hygiene, working environment & safety
  6. Miscellaneous provisions including recent amendments
  7. Quiz / Exercises on 'Excerpts from Norwegian Passenger & Cargo Legislation'
  8. Excerpts from The Norwegian Passenger and Cargo Ship Legislation, etc. 2015
  9. Seagull Test